EPEPS 2023: Milpitas, CA

EPEPS Best Paper Awards

EPEPS conference recognizes the excellence in research through the following prestigious awards:

  1. "EPEPS Best Paper Award" - All accepted papers will be considered for this Award.
  2. "EPEPS Best Poster Paper Award" - All accepted poster papers will be considered for this Award.
  3. "EPEPS Best Student Paper Award" - All accepted student papers will be considered for this award.

The TPC will select the above awards by judging the submission based on the following criterion:

  • Novelty
  • Advancement of the theory and application
  • Quality of the presented results
  • Quality of the written manuscript
  • Practicality and industrial relevance of the presented work
  • Quality of the oral/poster presentation

EPEPS 2022 Best Benchmark Paper Award

In addition to the EPEPS best paper and best student paper awards, the EPEPS Executive Committee is glad to announce a best benchmark paper award for EPEPS 2022. Papers submitted to EPEPS utilizing the benchmarks established and released publicly by the IEEE TC-EDMS Packaging Benchmarks Committee will be eligible for this award.

The benchmark papers will be evaluated by the TPC based on the following criteria:

  • Does the paper use a released benchmark to show the benefit of the proposed method?
  • Does the proposed method have some advantages with respect to existing methods?
  • Does the paper compare and quantify the differences between the reference results from the benchmark problem and the proposed method?
  • Does the paper make sound technical arguments to justify differences in the results between the paper proposed method and the released problem?
  • Is the method proposed by the paper generalizable to solving other problems?

IEEE EPS Student Travel Grant

We are pleased to announce that IEEE EPS Society, one of EPEPS's sponsors, will provide a special Travel Grant, which will be awarded to at least two (2) students for EPEPS 2022. One of the Travel Grant is specifically reserved for a student paper utilizing the IEEE TC-EDMS Packaging Benchmarks. The remaining Travel Grants are considered for all accepted student papers. To qualify for the Travel Grants, the student needs to be the first author of the paper, and needs to present the work in-person at EPEPS 2022. Costs that are directly tied to EPEPS attendance are reimbursable up to the limits of $1300 for students at US institutions and $2100 for students at non-US institutions. The grantees will be selected by an independent committee during paper review process and the recipients will be notified around the same time as paper acceptance. Instructions for reimbursements from the grant will be provided for after the conference.