EPEPS 2020: Virtual Event

EPEPS 2020 Logo Competition

The EPEPS 2020 general chair and co-chair are glad to announce an EPEPS conference logo competition as part of the EPEPS 2020 events. The EPEPS conference will be going into its 30th meeting in 2021 and has had over the years many individual contributors towards its founding, growth and longevity. A new EPEPS logo would serve to contribute to our conference's identity and progress.

Logo Submission Information and Requirements:

  1. The logo submissions are left to the creativity of the submitters as long as they remain within the bounds of representing (or symbolizing) the conference name and if needed technical area aspects.
  2. The logo may include words, symbols, sketches, etc.
  3. The logo submission may be presented in a format of the submitters choosing including but not limited to: .pdf, .doc, .ppt and .jpg.
  4. Anyone registering for EPEPS 2020 may participate in this event.
  5. Only one submission is allowed per person.
  6. The logo submissions must be sent by email no later than Tuesday October 6th, 1pm Pacific Time at: epeps-admin@emlab.illinois.edu.
Competition Information:
  1. The logo submissions will go through a blind review and vote by the EPEPS Technical Program Committee. The best logo will be rated on the following metrics:
    1. Relevance of logo to the conference
    2. Novelty of the logo idea
    3. Endurance of the logo idea (from a time perspective)
    4. Quality of submission.
  2. The competition results will be announced at the conclusion of EPEPS 2020.
  3. The winner in this competition will receive an award and a certificate.
  4. The winning logo will be used for future EPEPS conferences.