EPEPS 2019: Montreal, Canada
Tutorial I
Integral Equation Methods for the Electromagnetic Analysis of Interconnect Networks: State of Art and Recent Advancements

Piero Triverio, and Utkarsh Patel, University of Toronto

Electromagnetic solvers are an essential tool for signal and power integrity engineers working at the chip, package and board level. The need for full-wave simulations is rapidly increasing, driven by emerging technologies (3D integration, 400 Gigabit Ethernet) and applications (cloud computing, IoT, M2M). As industrial needs in terms of computational electromagnetism soar well beyond the state of the art, new ideas and development become necessary to sustain technological progress. This tutorial will first review the state of the art on integral equation methods for Maxwell’s equations, that are often advocated for interconnect analysis. A comprehensive overview of their mathematical foundations will be presented including: modeling of skin effect, modeling of layered substrates, acceleration with iterative solvers and far-field approximations, robustness at low frequency. Finally, we will survey recent advancements in the field. Examples related to interconnect networks and integrated passive components will be presented..