EPEPS 2018: San Jose, California

9AM - 5PM, October 14, 2018

Tutorial I
Piero Triverio, and Utkarsh Patel, University of Toronto
Integral Equation Methods for the Electromagnetic Analysis of Interconnect Networks: State of Art and Recent Advancements

Tutorial II
Feng Ling, Xpeedic Technology, Inc.
EM Solver Technologies from Chip to System: Challenges and Opportunities

Tutorial III
J. Eric Bracken, Chief Technologist, Electronics Business Unit, ANSYS Inc.
Electro-Thermal-Mechanical Analysis of Packages and Boards

Tutorial IV
Hee-Soo Lee, Lead Application Developer/SerDes Product Owner, Keysight Technologies
Simulation to Measurement Challenges on PAM4 for 400GB Ethernet

Tutorial V
Kemal Aygun, Principal Engineer and Manager, Intel
Advances in Package Technologies and Impact to Electrical Performance

Tutorial VI
Hong Shi, Senior Director of Package Development, Xilinx
Electrical and Thermal Co-Design for High Power FPGA Packages

Tutorial VII
Jose Hejase, IBM
High Speed Bus Channel Signal Integrity Analysis from Concept to Hardware

Tutorial VIII
Arash Zargaran-Yazd and Sunil Sudhakaran, SI Team - NVIDIA
High-Speed Link Modeling Using Deep Learning